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Are You Consciously Connecting To The Universe?

Are You Consciously Connecting To The Universe?

How often do you consciously connect to the Universe? When I first gain a new client, they usually tell me they don’t. Not because they don’t want to because they didn’t realise that’s what they ‘should’ be doing. Now let’s be entirely clear on this one – there are no ‘shoulds’ in the Law of Attraction and if you have never consciously connected to the Universe and that’s working for you – no problem. You aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong, and I think that is a crucial point to make. That being said, connecting to what is essentially source energy is extremely powerful, and I really do recommend it.

What Does Connecting Consciously to the Universe Mean?

I say ‘consciously’ because without realising you will more than likely be making a connection with the Universe on some level at some point. Think of the Universe as the main source of energy, and by connecting, we ultimately mean plugging into that energy and recharging. For example, if you think of a mobile phone, you plug it into the mains to charge and then it runs at full capacity throughout the day. You are the phone, and the Universe is mains electricity. ‘Plugging in” and connecting with the Universe is incredibly powerful, and it can really help benefit your manifesting experience!

How Can You Connect to the Universe?

Everyone is different, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Take care to find a way that resonates with you as there is no ‘one size fits all.’


One of the most powerful ways to connect to the Universe is through meditation, and although this is a practice I assume daily, I didn’t always get on with it. When I first started meditating, I struggled no end. As a mother with a to-do list as long as my arm I found it hard to make time but then even when I did I would spend the whole time stressing about all of the things I could be doing instead during that time! I found I came out of my meditations more frustrated than before I started and that’s certainly not the point!

When I thought of meditation, I instantly assumed it was sitting crossed legged on the floor in silence, but that’s not true at all! You can do many different meditations throughout the day like walking meditations, tuning in meditations, and even meditating in the shower! If you have tried meditation before and it wasn’t for you – please don’t give up. I now meditate daily, and I love those sobering moments of connection – even sitting crossed-legged on the floor!


Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices you can have, and everyone can utilise it. Gratitude is an excellent tool for connecting to the Universe. If you can master being grateful for what you have, what is coming and what is/has gone wrong, then you will experience true conscious connection to the Universe.


I love dream journaling about the life I am manifesting, and I always try and incorporate gratitude in my words as well. Sometimes as you write, you may feel inspired and new ideas which is a good indication that you are connecting to the Universe!


Another great way to connect to Source is through the act of prayer. You don’t need to get on your knees (although that absolutely works too!) but saying a prayer either in your head or out loud is a great way to connect.

There are many different ways to connect consciously to the Universe, and these are only a few examples. Experiment with what works for you for some people it’s a run others may find a connection in a hobby like drumming! You can’t go too far wrong, just follow your instinct along the way!


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