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Is It Possible To Manifest An Ex Back?

Is It Possible To Manifest An Ex Back?

I received an Instagram direct message this week asking: “Is it possible to manifest an ex back?” A few hours later, a one on one client asked me the exact same question, so I’m taking it as a sign from the Universe to bring this up with all of you. So is it possible to manifest an ex back?

Is it Possible to Manifest an Ex Back?

This is quite a complex question, but my simple answer is always no. I know that it’s unlikely that is the answer you want to hear, but nonetheless, it’s the truth. I always tell my clients that your manifestations can not control other people. We are all granted ‘free will’ and neither yourself nor the Universe can or should make someone do something they don’t want to do. I know that can be hard to hear especially if you are in the heartbreak phase of a break-up, but I don’t want to fill you with a false hope that will only make this process more difficult for you.

What is not possible:

It is not possible to manifest, making someone do something they don’t want to do. If your ex is certain in their decision, neither you nor the Universe can do anything to change that. Although it might not seem it at first, it’s a good thing long term because even if you managed to manifest them back it’s likely they wouldn’t stick around for long which would just prolong the pain for yourself. You want to be with someone that wants to be with you that’s true happiness.

What is Possible:

It is absolutely possible to manifest love, romance or a soulmate, and this is where your energy should focus rather than on a specific person. Explore exactly what it is you desire in a mate and lean into this in your visualisations. Don’t get hung up on how this person looks – sometimes when you visualise they won’t have a face for example, and that’s ok your primary focus should be on how this person makes you feel.

But I Know Someone That Manifested an Ex Back…

I hear this ALL of the time from clients. Sometimes when manifesting-love, it can arrive in the form of an ex. If they desire to connect with you again, then that can absolutely be possible. Remember everyone has free will, so if they don’t want to come back you can’t make them, BUT if they do, then they may just be what it is you manifest. I have to stress that this is rare as I don’t want to get your hopes up. Focus your energy on manifesting reciprocated love and romance rather than getting hung up on a specific person.

You HAVE to Surrender

Being hung up on an ex and obsessing about trying to get them back will only cause resistance. Surrender is important. Set your desire and intention and then release it to the Universe remaining in trust that the highest good for all is already on the way. In doing that if your ex does want to rekindle things it will happen, BUT someone incredible could also walk through the door. It’s hard when you are in pain from a break-up, so be kind to yourself on this journey. Remember the Universe is always working in synchronicity to what you are putting out there. Release that resistance and allow that flow of energy to come through you.


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