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Using Gratitude To Level Up Your Manifestations

Using Gratitude To Level Up Your Manifestations

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to the Law of Attraction, and if you are not utilising its full potential, you are seriously missing out! It’s time to level up your manifestation ability by incorporating gratitude into your daily practice.

There are three significant states of gratitude which, when thoroughly explored, will ‘level up’ your manifestation potential, accelerating the speed at which your desires arrive and raising your vibrations to bring you in alignment with the Universe!

The First State:

Being Grateful For What You Already Have

Now, if you look around and think you don’t have a lot, this state can be challenging to master, but when you scratch away the surface, it really isn’t that much of a challenge. It can be hard to feel at rock bottom and then be asked to reside in a place of gratitude, but I promise if you go inward, you will realise your list of things to be grateful for is more extensive than you think.

Be grateful for where you are right now, even if it’s not where you want to be. Be grateful for life, for having air to breathe and a desire to want more.

The Second State:

Being Grateful For What Is Yet To Come

As with the first state, there are challenges with being grateful for things that are yet to come. It can be hard being grateful for something that hasn’t arrived yet, especially if you are feeling uncertain that it ever will arrive. This is where you have to push aside any doubts or cynicism and surrender fully to the Universe. You have to believe your desires will come to fruition in order to receive. Once you believe, you can then be in a state of gratitude.

The Third State:

Being Grateful For The Events & Circumstances That Have Happened In The Past

The third state is probably the most challenging state of them all, especially if events and circumstances you have been through have been particularly difficult and painful. If that resonates with you, then be kind to yourself and don’t rush this step. You can abandon it altogether if that feels better and revisit when and if you feel ready. The idea is there is great power in surrendering to your past and being grateful that it has led you to this very moment, but that is, of course, easier for certain people than it is others.

If you feel ready and able, then this is a powerful step to be in, and I would recommend it.

Thinking Is Not Enough

When it comes to anything within the Law of Attraction, thinking is powerful, but feeling is the next level. Just thinking gratitude is progress but reaching for the actual feeling of gratitude is much more powerful.

It’s A Daily Practice

These states of gratitude are something you should try and incorporate into a daily practice. Practising regular gratitude is where the magic really is. Combine gratitude with your visualisations, dream journaling to really level up your manifestations.

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