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It’s Ok To Be Out Of Alignment

It’s Ok To Be Out Of Alignment

When I start working with clients that are just beginning their spiritual journey into the Law of Attraction and manifesting, there seems to be an invisible pressure that they put upon themselves. This pressure that they have to be in alignment at all times and only ever act through love. They see this as the goal and the ultimate status, but it is merely not possible. It is, in fact, ok to be out of alignment and far more common than you think.

The Ideal State is in Alignment

Whenever we talk about the Law of Attraction or manifesting, we know that we want to be in alignment. Being in alignment means we are working with the flow of the Universe and not against it. Imagine going against the ocean’s tide; when you work against it, everything is much more challenging and requires more effort, but if you work with the flow, then everything becomes more comfortable. Ideally, you want to spend the majority of your time in alignment to improve your overall experience, but it’s ok to be out of alignment too.

Being Out of Alignment Isn’t all Bad

Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and therefore, it is expected that at times we will naturally become out of alignment. Sometimes you don’t even have control over it, and it is, in fact, influenced heavily by experiences and surroundings, so don’t be so quick to beat yourself up.

If we spent our whole experience in alignment, we would never heal or learn the lessons that are presented to us when we become out of alignment. Sometimes it takes being out of alignment to show you what you do want and allow you to grow.

It’s completely normal to have periods where you are out of alignment. I recently wrote about how I felt like a fraudulent coach because when the world turned upside down, I did precisely that and fell out of alignment.

So, What Should You Do?

If you find yourself out of alignment – and you will – acknowledge it for what it is and detour back to alignment as soon as you can. It’s that simple. Don’t panic, stress or beat yourself up; take a deep breath and work towards getting back in the flow. Getting upset is only going to push you further out of alignment and mean that you are working against the flow of the Universe. As long as you aren’t dropping anchor and wallowing, you will be back in alignment before you know it!

Don’t worry about why you are out of alignment because dwelling on this can make you detour further. I’d also avoid discussing things with a friend or family member about why you feel out of alignment because it will just spiral you further from your goal.

Some Ways to Get in Alignment
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Play Your Favourite Music
  • Dance
  • Exercise & Raise Your Heart Rate
  • Watch Your Favourite Movie
  • Laugh
  • Release The Pressure & Go With The Flow

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