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Are You Choosing Happiness Today?

Are You Choosing Happiness Today?

Have you chosen happiness or misery today? I’m sure your response would be something along the lines of; “Why would I ever chose misery over happiness?”
Yet as humans, we do.

Happiness is a choice, and yet we often choose misery.

I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past, so it is an uncomfortable conversation to suggest that happiness is a choice. If I had a choice, of course, I would have chosen happiness. Right? Who in their right mind would ever choose misery when happiness is on the table? Let me be very clear that the person who would do that is more than likely you as it is most of the human population and me.

Misery Loves Company

Why do we choose misery when happiness is available. It seems to make no sense whatsoever. Perhaps it is because we are conditioned to believe that we have no choice. Up until reading this blog post, maybe you believed that happiness was a result of circumstance – I know in the past that’s what I believed.

For me, I know a huge part of my choice surrounding happiness was to do with the baggage I was carrying. If I’m honest, I was holding onto resentments and situations that were no longer serving me. I allowed things to ricochet into the proceeding days and beyond. I was still harbouring anger from a feud that happened months prior, and it was affecting my happiness today! Do you do the same? Have you surrendered and released all of the things that are not serving you, or are they creeping into the present?

Could I really be choosing at least in part some of the misery I was experiencing – the answer is YES!

What Are You Choosing?

So what are you choosing today? Have you chosen happiness, or are you experiencing misery? Can you see how maybe you are responsible for that choice in some way? If you have chosen misery, what can you do to shift that into happiness and release yourself from this trap?

If you have chosen misery, then the first step is to witness and acknowledge that. Do not apply judgement. Judging yourself will not bring happiness but further push you into misery. Know that if you have chosen misery, then you can now choose happiness.

It’s Not Easy

Just because happiness is a choice doesn’t mean it’s an easy one to make. Perhaps in some situations, that choice of misery comes easier. I empathise with this and ask you not to apply pressure. Under some circumstances, just knowing that happiness is, in fact, a choice is enough. Choose it where you can and know that true happiness comes from within.

If you are searching for happiness from people, places or things, you will forever be disappointed. Although these can bring short term happiness – true happiness has to come from within. Otherwise, you risk your happiness being taken from you without warning.

I’ll ask you again; Have you chosen happiness or misery today?


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