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The Language We Use Is Important

The Language We Use Is Important

When it comes to The Law of Attraction and Manifesting, the language we use is critical. Using language with a negative connotation can have severe results on our mood, relationships, and manifestations.

The Universe Does Not Differentiate Between I Want & I Don’t Want

Remember when we went right back to basics with The Law of Attraction? If you want a refresh, then head over to my podcast “Manifestation in Motion”, where I break it all down. Anyway, essentially the basic is that your thoughts become your reality. So you want to be focusing predominantly on what you want in order to attract that. Now the Universe does not differentiate between I want and I don’t want. So even if you are saying I don’t want this, the Universe will still pull it into your reality because that is where your focus is.

So understanding this, it makes sense that the type of language we use impacts our manifestations also. Sometimes you can believe your intention is not to come from a negative place, but your language says the opposite. It is our responsibility to make sure that we clean up the language we use and focus our attention on coming from a place of yes. When you come from a negative place, there is resistance and remember that resistance prevents our manifestations from coming to fruition. We want to avoid resistance, and an effortless way to avoid that is by watching the language we are using.

Your Language Impacts Your Vibration

Remember that in order to manifest what we want into our reality, we need to keep our vibrations high. If we don’t watch the language we use, we can hinder our own vibration without even realising it.

Not only that, but by using negative language, we actually alter our own mood, which then, of course, creates low-level frequencies, thus changing our vibrations again. Most of the time, we don’t realise this is happening. Our language just comes as second nature, and sometimes we are just mimicking what we see and hear around us. We need to be mindful, conscious and check in regularly.

Ask yourself – is my language positive or negative, and how can I change this?

It’s Not Just You That’s Impacted

The language you use doesn’t just affect you and your mood. In fact, your language can influence how people perceive and respond to you. If you feel like someone is being cold, defensive or resistant, check the language you are using and see if it’s contributing to the animosity in the conversation.

Our Intention Can Be Good

Most of the time, when it comes to language, our intention is good. We want to be happy and have people respond to us in a certain way, so we don’t purposely try and destroy that with our language. The thing is, most of the time, we aren’t even aware, and that is why it is essential to clean up our language and make sure it matches our intentions.

Give it a try and see if it changes things for you – if nothing else, you’ll see a difference in your own mood.


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