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Why You Need To Be Clear On Your Manifestations Before You Start

Why You Need To Be Clear On Your Manifestations Before You Start

You will often hear that the first step to manifesting is to ask. Ask. Believe. Receive. Right? I always advise my clients that there is one more step before asking, though, and that is getting clear on what it is you want.

Getting Clear on Your Manifestations

Listen, it may sound obvious that you need to get clear on what it is you want to manifest before you start manifesting, but so many people miss out on this step altogether. This part of the process really is the fun part so take your time with it. You want to get a completely clear image in your mind of what you want to manifest. So, let’s take, for example, your dream car. You could start right away and jump straight to the asking part of the process. However, if you aren’t clear on what kind of car you want to manifest, how on earth do you expect the Universe to deliver.

Do you walk into a bar and ask the bartender for just a drink? Could you imagine what drink would show up? Don’t leave the details up to chance. If you wanted a drink from a bar, you’d ask for the exact drink you wanted right down to the brand of tequila and colour straw! Make sure you do the same when you place your order with the Universe.

Take Time To Figure Out The Details

You want your manifestation to be so visually clear in your mind that it’s as if you’ve seen and felt it before. It should feel like you’ve already driven that dream car, and you should know every single detail about it BEFORE you move on to the asking phase. If you leave out a detail, then it will be filled in for you and then what if it’s not what you wanted? Why risk that?

Write your manifestation down. Have fun visualising it in your mind. Find pictures, videos and samples to really affirm what it is you want.

Why Get Clear First?

You want to be clear about your manifestation BEFORE you ask for it so that you are not disappointed when your manifestation arrives. For example, say you want to manifest money – if you just ask for money, then you could be walking down the street and find a penny. BOOM, the Universe has delivered precisely what you asked for. Are you happy? Satisfied? I doubt it! I cannot be more transparent on this, but please, please get specific and know exactly what it is you want to manifest so that the Universe has the opportunity to deliver it to you!

The Main Take Away

Listen, you need to start thinking of manifesting as placing an order to the Universe. Imagine the Universe as an online catalogue for life. Place your order as you would if you were buying a sofa. You’d know the exact measurements, fabric and style before placing the order. Make sure you do the same with your manifestations!!


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