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Are You Worthy?

Are You Worthy?

Do you struggle with feeling unworthy? This is something I’ve battled my whole life, and without realising it, this could be holding back your manifestations as well as your happiness.

My Childhood

I grew up in a household where I was told that I was not good enough in no uncertain terms. This feeling of unworthiness became the internal story on repeat in my head far beyond my childhood. The story we tell ourselves has a significant impact on who we are and what we become. Often the story that’s on repeat isn’t even one we wrote. Sometimes we have to change the dialogue. We have to rewrite the script. Don’t allow someone else’s soundtrack to play in your head on repeat. 

Abraham Hicks says: “A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.” Change the belief by changing the thought. It all starts with such a tiny seed that blossoms and grows. You can replant the seed over and over again. Don’t settle for a belief about yourself that isn’t true. This is your life. You can change the story. 

How To Feel Worthy

Worthiness starts from a thought that you are worthy – and you are. I know that right now, you might now believe that, but you are, and I need you to commit to repeating that in your mind until it becomes a belief. 

Start your day by repeating the simple affirmation: I Am Worthy.

When you have moments when your worthiness is questioned, repeat the affirmation again: I Am Worthy. 

Say and feel it with such conviction. I. AM. WORTHY. 

Practice the affirmation for 30 days. At first, it will feel silly. You won’t believe it, and you’ll doubt the process but come with an open heart and mind. Commit to wanting to feel worthy – that’s all you need in order to start. 

Find the Evidence

Look around your life and find evidence to back up your claim of worthiness. As I have said, you ARE worthy, so there must be evidence of that. Find it, highlight it and witness the truth. You are, in fact, worthy, and you deserve to feel worthiness. 

Your Past Is Not Your Future

Just because you grew up a certain way or you were told certain things as a child does not define your future. Your future is yours for the taking. The story is unwritten, and you can change the dialogue to suit the version you want to print. Carve out the path YOU want, not the one you feel you were dealt. You can’t change the past, but you define the future, and it can start from right now. 

It takes releasing the past and gripping the future. It’s not easy. It’s not an overnight process. It can take time and effort, and work. But, you need to shed the skin you are in and blossom into the butterfly you are. You have two choices either you embrace it and step into everything you deserve, or you stay trapped and beaten down. 

Are you ready to change your story and step into worthiness fully? 


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