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What Does Being In Alignment Mean?

What Does Being In Alignment Mean?

I frequently talk about being in Alignment when I’m discussing manifestation and the Law of Attraction. What does being in Alignment mean? How do you get in Alignment, and how do you know if you aren’t in Alignment anymore? I’ve put together a post to help clear up some of the most asked questions I get surrounding Alignment.

What Is Alignment and What Does Being in Alignment Mean?

Being in Alignment essentially means being without resistance. When you are in Alignment, you are working with the flow of the Universe and not against it. Being in Alignment feels good, and you will often be in a happy state of love and joy.

Think of Alignment like swimming in the sea. If you swim against the tide, you will find it difficult and tiring. If you switch to swim with the tide, you will find it much easier, and it will require less effort. Being in Alignment is swimming with the tide, and being out of Alignment is swimming against it.

How do you get in Alignment?

This is an important question because it’s completely natural to have periods where you are out of Alignment. Alignment isn’t an end state but a destination you will frequently visit. Living a human experience means that we are challenged with situations that do put us out of Alignment, but that’s not something to concern yourself over. If you find yourself out of Alignment, simply bring yourself back in using some of these techniques.

Ways to get back in Alignment:
  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Play Your Favourite Music
  • Dance
  • Exercise & Raise Your Heart Rate
  • Watch Your Favourite Movie
  • Laugh Release The Pressure & Go With The Flow

How do you know if you are not in Alignment?

The easiest way to know if you are in or out of Alignment is to look at how you feel. It is impossible to be in Alignment whilst in an emotional state of despair. How do you feel? If your emotions feel good, happy and joyful, then you are on the path of Alignment, but if you feel sad, depressed or angry, then you are out of Alignment.

Ask yourself:
  • How am I feeling right now?
  • Does everything feel like it is flowing, or does it feel like a battle?

If it feels like the path you are on is difficult and resistant, you are likely out of Alignment. When you are in a state of Alignment, it feels as though everything flows naturally.

Get to know your emotions and feelings by checking in on your emotional state throughout the day. Log in a journal what you feel throughout the day and what that means for you. By getting to know your internal emotional system, you will easily be able to identify the moments when you are in or out of Alignment without much effort. Knowing this makes it easier and quicker to get back in Alignment, and as we now know, it’s in Alignment where the magic really happens!

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